origini1The company was born in the 60s as family business for the domestic toilet paper converting: puckered toilet paper 1 ply and ecological toilet paper 2 ply. At that time the consumption of such products was still limited. The continuous and daring expantion of the consumption was the main cause of the good development level reached by Byness. Since the beginning, Byness met the different demands of a young market notably evolved and the quality of the above mentioned paper got better and better in order to satisfy the requests of the exigent customers.


origini2Thanks to a constant research of the best raw materials and thanks to the creation of new products and new packages, Byness succeded in expanding towards wider commercial horizons. Byness is aware that beyond the tecnologies the success of a company is given by men’s ability and capacity. For this reason the company focus a lot on the choice and the professional growing of its employés. The managing staff of the new Byness group is represented by: Dante and Edoardo Bini.